Traumatic Experience in Childhood

Broken Children, Grown-Up Pain                                                                                                      
Understanding the Effects of Your Wounded Past    
By Dr. Paul Hegstom    

This book discusses what changes occur in the mind and emotions of a child at the time of trauma and how that change affects their maturity, realtionships and adult success.   And, most importantly, offers solutions to heal and grow.                             

“In Broken Children, Grown-Up Pain, Hegstrom explains how trauma affects pre-adolescent children.  Prior to puberty, children do not have the neurochemistry or biological maturity to process events cognitively.  Trauma arrests emotional development; present and future events are processed in relationship to the trauma and in a way that was normal at the age the trauma occurs.  Hegstrom says the five traumas most likely to arrest development are rejection, incest, emotional abuse and physical abuse.  Of the five, rejection is by far the most damaging.”  ( )


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