My Old House

The House That Built Me- Miranda Lambert

(listen while you read)

This music video describes some  of how I felt, in 2012, when the Lord took me back to my two childhood homes in Ohio, and to my teenage home in New Jersey.  I had long wanted to bring my children to get a glimpse of their heritage, but the Lord let me know that this trip would be just him and I.  I had not been back to Ohio for almost 40 years. Wow. There is just something about connecting with your past self. There is a sense of mourning,  and a renewed sense of beginning. #Inspiration.

I lived in this first home until  I was three.  I have a surprising amount of memories from this home, considering I was less than three years old.  I remember our silver CHRISTmas tree with the red ornaments and color wheel.  I laugh when I think of our cat Linda (my first pet that I picked out for my 3rd birthday) climbing out of the station wagon window and walking around the outside of the car as we were driving out of the drive way, on moving day. Our Aunt and Uncle purchased the home so we were able to go back.

We lived in this second home until I was 10 years old. So many memories here.  Hide and seek in the back yard at night with flashlights, riding bikes, glow in the dark super ball fights in the basement in the dark, so much great food by mom, brothers working on vehicles in the  garage. So many family, friends and neighbors.

I lived in the last home, in Middletown, New Jersey until I was 19, then moved to Texas.  Most notable  from this era is our dog, Pepper.  All who were  around then remember Pepper and still reminisce about her to this day.

*These are recent pictures. I did not feel like digging for the ones from back in the day.  The first one has seen better days, but, hey, it has been 40 years. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for an amazing childhood. <3


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