Elephant in the Room Editorial

The Root of Political Correctness

Products, services and ideas sell when there is a need, or demand, for them.  A common sales technique is to help people realize that they have a need for the product, to show folks how this offer will help them.  In other words, the seller wants to ‘create a need’ for whatever they are peddling.  This happens in manufacturing, but also in politics and government.

A political candidate has to show people why they need him/her for their leader. In so doing, they can create a loyal following.  The populace will be supportive because they believe that the politician will be able to solve their pertinent, sometimes desperate problems.

This is nothing new. In fact, much of what I see on social media is  just that, politicians creating a fictitious void that needs to be filled.  It is seen in articles and posts defending the cause of breast feeders, Downs syndrome folks, bullied kids, over weight (to some) women, working woman, minorities, outsiders, fringe groups etc. Thus, giving the impression that these specialty groups and activities must be saved.  Kind of like a save the seals campaign and many are blindly falling for it.

To me, this seemingly well-meaning and compassionate movement, is self-righteous, patronizing, demeaning and judgmental, as if everyone in the nation, except the writers, are racist, prudish and ignorant.  They imply that most Americans are bigoted haters. Well, we are not.

I have lived and worked around thousands of Americans, from multiple races, for over 50 years and met less than 5 racist people.  In fact, I see mixed races working, living and worshiping together everywhere I go, even here in the south.  Everyone gets along quite well.

Most people don’t care if you breast feed in public. Come on! Just be modest about it. It is common courtesy.  Americans care for children with disabilities and needs. We welcome and embrace law abiding foreigners.

This idea of unfairness and mistreatment as a major problem that our communities and government needs to solve is false. Can we do more to love and care? Yes. Have there been gross injustices? Yes, but the generalization is way off track. And it is off track intentionally.

There are some areas of the country where people are sorely under educated and unrefined (I blame government run schools for that) and you have insensitive, uncaring, even evil, people in every populace, but this is not the majority. We are largely a group of people who care deeply and give sacrificially.

While it is honorable to trumpet the cause of the needy and weak, honor the heroes and treat each other with respect, the tone of the articles that I have seen, run off base of these cherished virtues, demanding action, laws and protection for their cause, as if there is an onslaught that needs defending against.  This is an illusion and it leads to unnecessary regulations and broad sweeps of power that confuses our justice system, rather than improving it, and hinders our cherished American generosity, lifestyle and freedoms, rather than protecting them. It is polarizing our nation, pitting us against each other. Our common enemy is not our fellow Americans.

Why is this happening? Because pharisaical, power seeking politicians are spawning, propagating, even inciting, through media and through public and private education, this blown out of proportion thinking to develop a submissive following that willingly grant them the power to solve the perceived problems, all the while letting the constituency believe that they are fulfilling some kind of altruistic purpose.  It is the same old sales game and a potentially dangerous one.

Sue Davies

October 24, 2016