Bestselling Novelist

“Francine has published more than 20 novels with Christian themes – all bestsellers- and she has continued to win both industry acclaim and reader loyalty around the globe.”

In March 2010, Francine officially became a New York Times bestselling author, when Her Mother’s Hope debuted at #12 on the hardcover fiction bestsellers lists. The sequel, Her Daughter’s Dream, debuted at #12 on the same list just 6 months later, in September, 2010.

Understanding Sexual Addiction

An Affair of the Mind

By Laurie Hall

Publisher: Focus on the Family Publishing; First Edition edition (1996)

“Mixing personal testimony with systematic critique is a staple of hortative religious literature, and Hall’s book is a superior example of the type. She has spent years struggling with her husband’s addiction to pornography, and for those who doubt that sexual obsessions can have effects like those of substance abuse on individual behavior and interpersonal relations, she lays out the dismayingly credible particulars of her troubled marriage in evidence. First deepening her Christian faith (abandoning herself to Christ, she says), she made prayer, reading the Bible, and learning about sexual addiction and the psychological dynamics of pornography and how to address them the everyday tactics in her battle to preserve her marriage and protect her children. Trusting the Lord and practicing Christian forgiveness (a quality she tellingly dissects) have been the foundations of her overall strategy. She urges women in similar circumstances to follow her–or, rather, Christ’s–lead. Meanwhile, she makes a case against pornography that, although rooted in Christian teaching about sexuality, even nonbelievers may find intuitively compelling.”

Ray Olson

Traumatic Experience in Childhood

Broken Children, Grown-Up Pain                                                                                                      
Understanding the Effects of Your Wounded Past    
By Dr. Paul Hegstom    

This book discusses what changes occur in the mind and emotions of a child at the time of trauma and how that change affects their maturity, realtionships and adult success.   And, most importantly, offers solutions to heal and grow.                             

“In Broken Children, Grown-Up Pain, Hegstrom explains how trauma affects pre-adolescent children.  Prior to puberty, children do not have the neurochemistry or biological maturity to process events cognitively.  Trauma arrests emotional development; present and future events are processed in relationship to the trauma and in a way that was normal at the age the trauma occurs.  Hegstrom says the five traumas most likely to arrest development are rejection, incest, emotional abuse and physical abuse.  Of the five, rejection is by far the most damaging.”  ( )