2 Paragraphs To Success

A simple metaphor

I often use leave-in conditioner on my hair.   As I comb thru the tangles, the comb gets stuck on knots, so, rather than yanking on the comb and tearing up my hair, I pull the comb out and start back at the top of my scalp. Thanks to the conditioner, each time I pull the comb thru it goes a little farther before getting stopped on a knot.  Eventually, I can run the comb all the way from the scalp to the ends of my long hair. By this ethod, I overcome the challenges and save myself a lot of pain.

Do you see where I am going with this? In life, I have an option to try to work out problems on my own which can be painful and difficult.  I can tear through problems impatiently and recklessly, causing destruction.  Other times, I can try and try again only to get stopped by seemingly unsolvable complications. However, there is another option. I can, when presented by challenges, take a step back, infuse the Precious Oil of the Holy Spirit, through prayer for wisdom and help, and continue to make attempts to solve the problem.  Each time, because of the lubricating effect of the Spirit, I progress a little closer to the solution until at last the obstacle is overcome.

Sue Clark

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