A Love Letter

Dear Neighbor,

As believers in Jesus Christ, Yeshua Messiah, we have a common bond.  We have all had the experience of giving our lives to God in exchange for the new life he offers.  We have a life that he able to be a continual part of.  We have the life that is infused with his love and his power.   There is so much I could say about this, it is so amazing and wonderful, but to get there is simple.  One person put it this way,

“It is so simple for you to hand over your life, yes, with all the disappointments, failures, successes, fears, guilt, anxieties, restlessness, mess-ups, all the good, bad and the ugly, to Jesus with no fear of rejection. He wants it all. He wants you to change nothing before you come to Him. Come as you are, Dear one. Don’t be afraid. He loves you. In exchange to handing Him over your life, and everything in it, he is going to give you the new life that he died and rose for you to have. Fully paid with nothing missing and nothing broken. Are you ready for this wonderful exchange? “How can this be?” you may ask. Come and see, Dear one, Come and see. All of your debt, all of your sin debt, has been paid in full by the perfect work of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary. Do you want this new life? If you so, then call on the Lord. Just call on Jesus and ask Him to take over your life completely in exchange for the new one. God not only see what the past was and how you are now, but what you can be in the future. Jesus is knocking on the door to your heart. Open your heart to Him and let all the worry, bitterness, fear, anger and everything else out. Let Him in.  You don’t have to wait another moment. Do it now.”

(Adapted from http://www.emoaf.org/Can-Jesus-Help-Me.html)

So, let me ask you,

Have you had this experience?

Do you know God in a personal way?

Have you allowed him access to your life?

Have you allowed God to bring love, truth, hope, faith, peace, recovery and his other life-giving attributes in your life?

If you could not answer, ‘yes’ to all of the above, say something like this to him right now,

“God, please come in my life and show me that you are real.  If Jesus died on the cross to pay for my sins so I can be restored to you, then I want to believe and be saved.  Forgive me for my wrongs and selfishness.  I need you.  I give you my life. Come in my heart and life now.”

He will, and you have no idea, yet, how awesome your life can be.  Even through very difficult times, he will be there.  You will see!

Further reading:


3:10-12 none are righteous

3:23 all have sinned

6:23 the wage of sin

5:8 while we were sinners…

10:9-10 confess with mouth…

10:13 all who call…

5:1 peace with God

5:11 wonderful new relationship

8:1 now no condemnation

John 3:3-18 born of Spirit

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